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The Best Friend Of Interior Decorators: Artificial Plants

Nature and its elegance has challenged many to bring it indoors. Most ornamental plants promote a relaxing ambiance with their variation of color and design. They add attitude to the space. However plants often die. Natural plants demand care and attention to avoid them from completely withering. This now becomes a concern for heavily scheduled individuals thus thank God for artificial plants.Amazingly well-crafted artificial ornaments pose to be exact replicas of the original plants. One will surely find it hard to distinguish it apart unless one touches the display. The use of artificial plants made it possible to adapt nature and unleash it beauty indoors. This flexible item can be placed just about anywhere that requires a spruce of color. Usually made out of light materials one can easily rearranged it according to his preference. It is a safe decoration for fish tanks.Commonly plastic is used to produce such wondrous item. The material allows it to be flex into a preferred design. It is light thus a per...


Why Artificial Plants are Cool

Many people are increasingly opting for artificial plants rather than live plants for their house decoration and plantscaping needs. Artificial plants have a number of unique advantages over live plants.For one, artificial plants are cheaper to care for. As it were, caring for live plants is an expensive affair. Live plants, for example, call for huge expenditures in seedlings, fertilizers and pesticides, and many other associated costs which are things that artificial plants don't require.Even for 'low maintenance' plants which don't require fertilizers and pesticides, one has to spend something (on a regular basis) on watering and weeding them. On the other hand, all that is required in the case of artificial plants is the initial investment in buying them, and you are set.The cost advantage of artificial plants over live plants has become even more pronunced with the advent of plants rental and other cost cutting approaches to house decoration and plantscaping. Plants rental is the preferred approach to ho...


Feed Your Soul With Good Colors

Take a walk in the woods or stroll through an art museum and you will instantly be aware of the color that surrounds you. What you may not be aware of is your mind and body responding to the color on a sub-conscious level. Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is used in many parts of the world as a means for reaching a person's psyche for better health and well-being. This type of therapy is not without debate, but when you consider the importance color plays in nature, you can see where we might want to discuss the matter further. Surrounding ourselves with a variety of colors, in what we wear and in our home, is believed by many to have a very real impact on our state of mind. It is not considered a coincidence that a woman wearing red feels more power and vigor, while a woman dressed in blue exudes peace and tranquility. Your home office is the perfect place to experiment with the effect color can have on stress, mood, and energy. Let's take a look at the kind of struggles you face in your home office and h...


How To Choose Artificial Plants Or Flowers For A Guy's Space

Guys and plants: somehow this combination seems a bit off right from the very beginning. However, for the sake of being green and keeping up with modern decor trends, you can decorate any guy's space with vegetation. Sure enough, artificial plants or flowers work extremely well for the fellas simply because these are low maintenance and can survive most "accidents" and "spills." However, sticking a large clay pot with a cascading fern right on his doorstep can be a bit too much, especially if the only green thumb the guy ever acquires is when he is eating guacamole with his fingers. So here are a few tips on how to choose artificial plants or flowers for a guy's guy space. 1. Think resilient. Let us just say that anything fragile looking should not be within a guy's immediate reach. If you are worried about breakables breaking, then you have every right to keep the expensive vases away. Clay pots are cheaper and very classy to look at, so you can choose artificial plants or flowers that are "planted" in these...


Make a Difference with Feng Shui

If you’re a beginner to Feng Shui these three basic tips will help you start putting it to practice in your life. But first, you should know the definition of Feng Shui. It is an old Chinese study that believes human beings and the environment they are surrounded by (their home, workspace, etc) is full of tangible but invisible energy. This energy is known as ‘Chi’. 1) Color. Color can really effect your mood, so, when it comes to Feng Shui you should choose colors that give off pleasant vibes. Remember, though, that some colors work well in some rooms but not in others. Each color has a unique quality meant for something different, so make sure you know your goals for a room before choosing the colors. Yellow – Yellow makes people think of the sun which makes them happy. So it’s considered just that – a happy hue. It is also known to inspire creativity and spark imagination so a perfect room to use yellow in would be your home office. Orange – It has bee...


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